Sunday Schedule

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Schedule of Dharma Events 2019

March 3Shurangama Mantra Recitation
March 10Compassion Water Repentance
March 17Amitabha Buddha Recitation
March 24Celebration of Guan Yin Bodhisattva's Birthday
March 31Recite Earth Store Sutra (AM) & Great Compassion Repentance (PM)
April 7Shurangama Mantra Recitation
April 14Medicine Master Repentance
April 21Amitabha Buddha Recitation
April 28Cherishing Youth Day
May 5Shurangama Mantra Recitation
May 12Celebration of Vesak (Bathing the Buddha) & Liberating Lives (afternoon)
May 18 - June 8Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation
May 19Compassion Water Repentance
May 26Recite Earth Store Sutra (AM) & Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation (PM)
June 2Shurangama Mantra Recitation (AM) & Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation (PM)
June 924th Ann. of Ven Master Hua’s Entering Nirvana & Liberating Lives (PM)
June 16Medicine Master Repentance
June 23Amitabha Buddha Recitation
June 30Recite Earth Store Sutra (AM) & Great Compassion Repentance (PM)
July 4Recite Universal Door Chapter (AM) & Great Compassion Repentance (PM)
July 7Compassion Water Repentance
July 14Amitabha Buddha Recitation
July 15 - 20Summer Camp
July 21Celebration of Guan Yin Bodhisattva's Enlightenment (AM) &
Emperor Liang's Jeweled Repentance (1:30pm)
July 21 - 28Emperor Liang's Jeweled Repentance 7/28 Liberating Lives (1:00pm)
Aug 1 - 29Earth Store Sutra Recitation (daily from 8am to 10am)
Aug 4Shurangama Mantra Recitation
Aug 11Celebration of Ullambana (AM) & Earth Store Sutra Recitation (AM)
Aug 18Medicine Master Repentance
Aug 25Celebration of Earth Store Bodhisattva's Birthday (AM) &
Earth Store Sutra Recitation (PM)
Sep 1Dharma Flower Repentance & Recite Dharma Flower Sutra
Sep 2Recite Dharma Flower Sutra
Sep 8Shurangama Mantra Recitation
Sep 15Compassion Water Repentance
Sep 22Amitabha Buddha Recitation
Sep 29Recite Earth Store Sutra (AM) & Great Compassion Repentance (PM)
Oct 6Shurangama Mantra Recitation
Oct 13Celebration of Guan Yin Bodhisattva's Leaving Home & Liberating Lives (1:00pm)
Oct 20Medicine Master Repentance
Oct 28Amitabha Buddha Recitation
Nov 3Honoring Elders Day
Nov 10Compassion Water Repentance
Nov 17Recite Earth Store Sutra (AM) & Great Compassion Repentance (PM)
Nov 24 - Dec 17-Day Amitabha Buddha Recitation Session
Dec 8Celebration of Amitabha Buddha's Birthday
Dec 15Shurangama Mantra Recitation
Dec 23Medicine Master Repentance
Dec 29Recite Earth Store Sutra (AM) & Great Compassion Repentance (PM)

-Sunday schedule starts at 8:30M, followed by a Lecture by Dharma Masters from 10am-11am.

-May 18 to June 8: Avatamsaka Sutra Recitation. Four rolls every day (7-10am); Sundays three rolls in the afternoon (1:00pm-3:30Ppm).

-Aug 1 to Aug 29: Earth Store Sutra Recitation daily from 8am to 10am.

Avatamsaka Vihara 華嚴精舍
9601 Seven Locks Road Bethesda, MD 20817 (301) 469-8300