Sunday School


Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue
Sunday School at Avatamsaka Vihara

The Mission of the Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue School is to provide a unique blend of East/West education that emphasizes ethics, character development, excellence in scholarship, social responsibility and service, leadership, and the development of individual potential.

Our school is proud to promote education based on the ideas of the Buddha s teachings, and courses in Buddhist Studies are a requisite for all students. However, students of all faiths are welcome to attend the school.

Our school is located in a unique monastic environment, where students can gain a deep appreciation of their own spiritual nature and inherent wisdom. Emphasis is placed on:
  * Respect for parents, teachers, and elders
  * Empathy 
  * Good citizenship 
  * Trustworthiness 
  * Propriety 
  * Social justice 
  * Humility 
  * Integrity

The teachers and staff are role models for unselfish and ethical conduct, and students are encouraged to acquire specific skills for ethical leadership and service to humanity.

Education is our best defense!

Furthermore, students who attend our school develop interpersonal qualities such as cooperation, compassion, and benevolence, which are of prime importance in the development of the whole person, while our high academic standards fulfill their intellectual potential.

The Six Guiding Principles are an integral part of the day-to-day activities of the school:
    * No Fighting 
    * No Greed 
    * No Seeking 
    * No Selfishness 
    * No Pursuit of personal benefits 
    * No Lying 

As a result, students are inspired to develop their own wisdom, and build a personal foundation in virtue, guiding them gradually to understand themselves and to explore the truths of the universe.

Who Are We?
Our school is based on one of the Venerable Master's vows of promoting education and his educational ideal of teaching people to return to their genuine, wholesome nature. Buddhist studies, ethics and meditation form the major part of the curriculum, complemented with physical activities, arts and crafts, as well as music and drama. Voluntary teachers, who are monastic or lay members of the monastery, work devotedly and closely to create interesting and stimulating learning environment and materials. Students of all faiths and traditions are welcome.

Avatamsaka Vihara 華嚴精舍
9601 Seven Locks Road Bethesda, MD 20817 (301) 469-8300