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Shurangama Sutra Lecture & Discussion

Biweekly lecture on the Shurangama Sutra by Dharma Master Je.

Class meets every other Saturday 2pm - 4:30pm.

English translation available upon request.

Shurangama Sutra
Shurangama Sutra: A New Translation


"The eyes see forms, but inside there is nothing.

             The ears hear sounds, but the mind does not know."           

Meditation class meets every Friday.

7:15pm - 7:55pm Yoga
7:55pm - 8:25pm 1st meditation sit
8:25pm - 9:00pm 2nd meditation sit
9:00pm - 9:30pm Discussion & sharing

Our meditation class is open to the public and free of charge. This class is suitable for beginners and moderate level practitioners.

For basic information and introduction to meditation, we recommend the following resources:

Meditation Handbook (pdf)

Chan Handbook (pdf)

Listen to Yourself: Think Everything Over (Chan Meditation) (pdf)