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Introduction to Amitabha Buddha Recitation Retreat

 Avatamsaka Vihara, a branch of Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA), will host a seven-day Amitabha Buddha Recitation on the Thanksgiving holiday week, November 19 through November 26, 2017.

Before Amitabha Buddha had attained the Buddhahood, he gave up his kingdom and left home to become a bhikshus. For he had mercy for all suffered living beings, he made forty-eight vows to save them. According to the Sutra, Amitabha Buddha already attained the Buddhahood ten kaplas ago and created the Land of Ultimate Bliss in the West; and our fundamental teacher Shakyamuni Buddha once taught us in Sutra: "You should make a vow to be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss."

The founder of DRBA Venerable Master Hsuan Hua once instructed about Amitabha Buddha recitation Dharma door, "The power of Amitabha Buddha attracting people from all over the world to the Land of Ultimate Bliss likes a magnet attracting irons. If Amitabha Buddha could not attract people to the Land of Ultimate Bliss, he would not become a Buddha. Therefore, all of us, calling the name of Amitabha Buddha will have a chance to become Buddha. Let's recite Na Mo Amitabha, to create our own Land of Ultimate Bliss, to accomplish our own Land of Ultimate Bliss, and to sustain our own Land of Ultimate Bliss."

In this Amitabha Buddha Recitation Retreat, we concentrate on reciting the holy name of Amitabha Buddha daily for nine hours. We are hoping that when we recite the holy name of Amitabha Buddha, we could reach the purity with our body and mind. This will not only fulfill our present life but will also fulfill our wish to be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss. We would like to invite all dharma friends to take this valuable opportunity and share the joy and benefits of dharma. 

Amitabha Buddha Recitation Schedule
  (November 19 - November 26, 2017)

11/18/2017  at 7:30PM: Purify the Boundaries

3:30AM      Wake up

4:00-5:00   Morning Recitation

5:00-6:00   Universal Bowing

6:00-7:00   Breakfast & Self study

7:00-7:50    Recite Sutra, Praise & Walking Recitation

7:50-8:30    Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

8:30-8:50    Walking Recitation

8:50-9:30    Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

9:30-9:50    Walking Recitation

9:50-10:30   Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

10:30-10:50 Walking Recitation

11:00-11:30  Meal Offering &  Lengthening Life Transference

11:30-12:10  Lunch & Dharma Talk

12:20-1pm  Self Study

1:00-1:30pm Recite Sutra & Praise 

1:30-1:50PM  Walking Recitation

1:50-2:30       Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

2:30-2:50      Walking Recitation

2:50-3:30       Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

3:30-3:50       Walking Recitation

3:50-4:30       Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

4:30-4:45        Rebirth Hall Transference

4:45-5:00        Sitting Recitation

5:00-6:00       Dinner, Self Study

6:00-6:35       Evening Recitation

6:35-6:50       Walking Recitation

6:50-7:30       Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

7:30-7:50       Walking Recitation

7:50-8:30       Sitting Recitation, Silent Recitation

8:30-9:00      Great Transference of Merit

10:30pm        Lights Out

**Lodging is available for those wishing to stay at the monastery for this Retreat.  Please register in advance to reserve your space.

***11/26/2017 Great Transference will be at 2:40pm

Amitabha Buddha Recitation Rules

1. No talking or conducting personal conversation in the worship hall. Maintain silence at all times

2. If you need attention, please direct yourself to the reception office discreetly.

3. While the silent recitations are being observed, you are NOT to enter or leave the worship hall. Any personal need should be accommodated during the rounds of walking recitation.

4. Use of Mala (prayer beads), prayer counter devices, or electronic talking timepieces are strongly discouraged.

5. Cellular phones should set to vibrate mode.

6. The devoted participants should attend all the sessions set forth in the program and avoid conversation to maintain sole focus on the retreat. Everyone is encouraged to use the reserved self-study time to perform prostrations daily (a minimum of 500 bows to the Buddha or reciting Buddha's name for 10000 times is suggested.)

7. Except for the assigned service personnel, the kitchen is closed to public.

To honor and achieve the best outcome of the event, we asked that you strictly follow the above rules.