Interested in Meditation?

Come join us for Zen 101 Workshop 

April 1, 2017  7:00am to 5:00pm

This is an intense 1-day workshop for beginners to learn and practice meditation in a Buddhist monastery.  This is a free workshop and open to the public.  Comfortable and loose clothing is recommended.  Bring your favorite sitting cushion and join us!

Shurangama Sutra Lectures

Shurangama Sutra lectures in Chinese by Dharma Master every other Saturday from 2pm to 4:30pm.  Come join the lecture and discussion.

Sunday School

Students learn Chinese, Confucian virtues, chanting, basic Buddhism, ettiquette, and more.  Classes are held every Sunday. 


Weekly meditation group meets every Friday night.  Yoga exercises prior to meditation.  Discussion on meditation practice after the meditation session.   


For youths & young adults to learn Buddhism and to discuss or share how to practice Buddhism in everyday life.  Join our activities & discussions.


"Stopping the thoughts of the mind is true wealth and honor. Ending selfish desires forever is the true field of blessings.               

If your deluded mind comes to a stop and your disorderly thoughts disappear, then you have obtained genuine wealth and honor."